Journal 4

I would like to write about what I was surprised the most when I came to WashingtonD.C. I am very surprised that there are a lot of “street homeless”. In Japan, I don’t look at homeless on the street. But in Washington, I looked at them on the street. When I walked in Washington to eat dinner, I looked at homeless a lot of time. I think that the number of homeless in Washington is more than Tokyo. And I noticed that the most homeless are black people like African Americans. I am very interested in these things and I think that it is very serious problem in the world so I researched about homeless of America and Japan.
There are a lot of homeless in wealth and money and power cities. And most of homeless are men. America has the largest number of homeless people in the world. And now, Washington has over 4000 homeless. On the other hand, the number of homeless in Japan is decreasing. Why is these a difference in the number of homeless people in America and Japan? I think because there are three differences. First, the definition of “homeless” differs from country to country. In America, we define “homeless” as people who does not have residence at night and who is temporality staying at the hotel. On the other hand, In Japan, we define “homeless” as a people daily living in urban parks and river beds. So America has a broader definition of “homeless”. Secondary, the causing of being homeless is different from America and Japan. In America, the main cause of becoming homeless is alcoholism and burg addiction, mental disorders. On the other hand, in Japan, it is multiple debt. There are a lot of alcoholism in Japan, but Japan is more expensive the cost of alcohol than in America. Finally, it is a policy difference to the homeless. In America, they need a lot of procedures to receive welfare protection. So only a limited number of people can get the money. On the other hand, In Japan, public assistance systems and housing benefit etc. are applied to a wide range of poor people including homeless and road dwellers.
After examining it, I found even more serious problems. In America, “children homeless” is on the increase. They become adults without receiving sufficient education, it is very difficult for them to get a job. Because I think that people have the right to receive equal education, I was shocked by the fact that children who are not in such a situation are in the developed countries. Now, in America, it is difficult to define homeless, so the exist number of “children homeless” is not known. Therefore, the state governments have not be able to successfully use subsidies from the federal government. It is a serious problem. So I want them to become the power of children who need help as soon as possible.

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