When I walked around Washington, D.C. I was surprised that there were many homeless people. In Japan I often see homeless people in Shinjuku so America and Japan are similar in that there are homeless people at the national’s capital. On the other hand I think where they are is different between America and Japan. In Japan many homeless people are at park or near the station, but in Washington, D.C. they are sitting in front of the shop or corner of the street.

In addition I was surprised many museums are free. In Japan there are few free museum. Though the zoo near my house is free only Tokyo Citizen Day, almost every day it costs to enter the zoo.

At Japanese Embassy we talked with two staffs and one staff is sent loan to Embassy from Ministry of Education in Japan. I was surprised that half of Embassy’s staffs are sent loan and their place of work change about every three years.

From one staff I learned that Embassy has some important roles.

One of them is that protection of Japanese who are in the United States. This means to protect both Japanese who travel in America and Japanese who live in America. But this is not the most important role of Embassy so Embassy entrust protection to Consulate Generals. In America there are 14 Consulate Generals and protection is conducted mainly by these Consulate Generals.

The most important role of Embassy is keeping good relationship with America. Now there are some problems such as TPP, North Korea’s missiles and United Nations Framework Convention on climate Change. One staff said that Embassy played important role to solve these problems. For example, about North Korea’s missiles, Embassy contacts both Japan’s Ministry of DefenseĀ  and the Self-Defense Forces and then Embassy’s staffs and American staffs are discussing about it. Like this the Embassy plays important role in connecting Japan and the United States.

The Embassy is also conducting public relations activity. For example, making a report about what happen in America, conveying about what Embassy do. Furthermore in order to like Japan for American people, Embassy plans some event like screening of Japanese movies or introduction about Japanese tea or holding anime and manga exhibition.

After I visited Embassy I felt that Embassy was essential to keep a good relationship with America.

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