After we arrived at Washington DC three days ago, we walked around hotel. Unlike Williamsburg, where we had stayed for about one week, washington DC is a very big city and there are a lot of shops. The town is very exciting!! Compared with Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan, there are various kinds of people in Washington DC. In Tokyo, most people are Japanese and speak Japanese.

Next, I’ll talk about the experience of the Japanese Embassy. It was first time for me to visit the Japanese Embassy, so I had been looking forward to going there. The first impression of the Japanese Embassy was rigid. We were not able to enter without checking our passports and bagage. After we entered, we listened to Wako’s presentation about this
program and I remembered what happend during the program. And we fortunately have the opportunity to listen to two intellectual officials. One was Mr.Seto, who was from Ministry of Education. He talked about his career that take part in education administration and it was really exciting and interesting for me, because I majored in politics at Keio and I am especially interested in education administration. In every day life, there are almost no chance to meet and listen to person who are actually working at a field that I am interested in now, so today’s experience was really valuable for me. And he did not only describe his career but listened to us. Every student talk about what they want to do in the future and he advised them. His advice was based on his experience and they were really helpful for me, when I think about my future. And I was also inspired, when I listened to other motitated students. Every student has their own opinion very definetly and say it clearly. And the other man also told us his career. He graduated from Keio long time years ago, so he is our senior and I had an affinity with him. He is a diplomatic agent and had many perspectives. His story was very intellectual and interesting for me.

Today, I went to Union station with my friends. The station was very huge and its atmosphere was very solemon, like Tokyo station in Japan. We go there by bike that can be lent at the street. The weather was very fine, so the cycling was so fun! It was very good exercise for me, because I seldom exercise in my daily life.

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