We left Williamsburg, and arrived at Washington D.C. on 14th. I felt a little bit sad to say goodbye to Williamsburg. It is not a big city, but I like Williamsburg because we had a lot of memory there. By the way, Washington D.C. is more wonderful city than the one I expected. Historical monuments are everywhere in this city, and there are many buildings which I had seen only in the textbook or on TV. I can find these by just walking around the hotel. I think it is convenient and good for tourists. But in contrast, there are less historical monuments in Tokyo. And I think that Washington D.C. is more like a political-functional city than Tokyo. There are few people in this town at night. Actually I spend almost time doing shopping on the first day in Washington D.C.,

 Also, we visited the Japanese Embassy on the first day. I was so impressed by talking with two person working there. They talked about their job and their life so far to us. What they do at Japanese embassy is so responsible for Japan itself. So just a little thing they do can have influence on Japan. I was surprised that one of them were from Keio University. We enjoyed talking about it. In addition, we talked about ourselves to them. They responsed to our each question politely. I learned a lot of things by listening to what they were saying (how hard to work in foreign country which has almost different culture from Japan, how to introduce Japan to America and so on). 

 The night time tour on 17th was also valuable time although I was a little bit tired from walking to each monument. I got rid of tiredness when I watched monuments. These took me to the times of World War, Civil Rights Movement, etc. It was so good to visit them at night. The lights were beautiful. And I thought of a lot of things far away.

 Tomorrow is the last day of staying Washington D.C. and this program. I hope I enjoy the last moment in America with all friends, all PAs, and all CIs.

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