We came to Washington D. C. finally. This is my first visit so I am very exciting. In D. C., there are many monuments and memories, Congress, Supreme Court, the White House, the Library and many kind of the museum. Then my first impression is, this is the place include the past and the future, of course the present. It is very interesting. When I walk Washington D. C., I have a feeling that I go on a journey in the stream of time. I have not experienced in Tokyo.

Yesterday night, I went to the White House. People gathered in front of the White House and appealed for something. They withdrew as soon as we arrived so we don’t know the meaning. I was surprised and I thought it is interesting. American people are so powerful. In Japan, the movements rarely happens. Strike also rarely happens. We have thinking to government or society, but we don’t move. However, American people often gathered and protest against government, society, and company. I was also surprised about the President. American people joke about Donald John Trump and laughed frequently. I wonder how they do think about him. I think that they don’t think kindly of him, but he is the President. I took an interest in American electoral system.

I write the article about insurance of sharing economy with my seminar member. Uber is one of the topics. In Japan, we can use the Uber only midtown and it is more expensive than taxi so we have not use the Uber. However, in America, Uber is very convenient for us and very cheap. We experienced Uber twice. The first time, we got took a photo with the driver but
We got into the wrong car.. The second time, we couldn’t find the car for long time, and we were canceled by the driver at the moment when we found it at last so we use another uber. That became a precious experience to me and funny. I’m going to make use of this experience in our article.

I want to go to the museum of natural history since a long time ago, this place was the stage of the movie “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.” Particularly, I want to see “Giraffe.” I fell in love with the giraffe at first sight. It so cute! My dreams will come true tomorrow. I cannot wait for tomorrow! (However, I don’t want to go back Japan and say goodbye.)

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