I visited Washington,D.C. for the first time, and I found Washington,D.C. played mainly two important roles as the capital city of the U.S. First, Washington,D.C. is a center of politics. There are the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court. Judicial, executive, and legislation are held in Washington. I went to see the White House and the Capitol. They were so big and had dignity. I felt they were very important institutions governing the huge country. I have been to the Diet in Japan, but I don’t remember that so much, because I was a child. I want to visit it again and compare the Japanese Diet with the American Capitol.


Second, many kinds of history and heritages are passed down to future generations in Washington,D.C. There are many museums, and each museum is so large that we can’t see all exhibits in a day. I went to “National Museum of African American History and Culture” on 16th. The museum is four stories high, and it has one floors under the ground level. The museum was so big. In the museum, I can see precious displays and learn plenty of new things, especially about African African. I was shocked to see exhibits, but everyone need to go there and know what happened to African American. When we go to the National Mall in Washington, we can learn a lot.



By the way, the capital of Japan is Tokyo. Tokyo also plays a lot of roles, but it is a little different from Washington,D.C. To be brief, Tokyo has more roles than Washington,D.C. For example, Tokyo is a center of culture, technology, economy, commerce. One good point of this circumstance is that we can do whatever we want to do in Tokyo. This is why I decided to enter Keio University near Tokyo. However, there is some bad point. If an earthquake happen in Tokyo, Japan breaks down. Japan has a lot of earthquakes, so we have to solve this problem quickly. In order to do that, we can take Washington,D.C. into account.

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