As soon as arriving at Washington D.C., I thought that this city is a historical and political place with many tourists, because it has many memorials and monuments related to politics, war, and American history at the center of Washington D.C. Besides, the thing I am concerned with is there are several points that Americans tries not to make foreign visitors sick of sightseeing at Washington D.C. That’s why there are many museums and monuments between Washington Monument and the congress in a straight line. From a foreign viewpoint, it is convenient to sightsee without transferring. Another point I am surprised is I saw several snipers on the White House when I visited there. Compared to the Japanese prime minister’s official residence, security is incredibly considered in the White House in order to prevent any terrorism.

Before I visited the embassy of Japan, I have visited the embassy of China in Tokyo. Both counties make visitors get strict security checks when visitors enter the buildings, however for me it was interesting experiences. Two Japanese diplomats we discussed were so smart, intelligent and polite. My friends said to me that it is really hard to be become government officials because they are forced to take the most difficult exam with many academic subjects, then interview to be judged whether there are appropriate aptitudes or not. According to statistics, the rate of passing is one-a hundred. I asked them many questions compared to undergraduate students because I was curious about Japanese diplomatic occupations, contents and people. My questions are that “what aptitudes do you think of the most important to be a nice diplomat?”, ” “what can you come up with trends Americans recently like in terms of Japanese culture?” ,and something like that. Two gentlemen answered me very kindly. I was so touched to listen to them.



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