When I came to Washington,D.C., I first thought that this city has more people than williamsburg. Also, I thought that I can not see the cityscape like Washington,D.C. in Japan because the cityscape of main of Washington is like an intersection on a Go board and radiates in all direction from traffic circle. The reason I pay attention to this is that my old brother who major in architecture at Nagoya University said to me that thd buildings in Washington,D.C. are build with high technology. So when I looked at famous buildings such as the White House, Washington National Cathedral, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial, all of these buildings reflect neoclassicism, Georgian Colonial style, and Gothic style or morden architecture and the other famous buildings in Washington,D.C. do as well. Also, most of the museums’ appearance in Washington,D.C. have a lot of white pillars ,so they are like Parthenon in Graecia or world cultural heritages. On the other hand, in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, you can see only a lot of skyscrapers and their appearances are simple and not artistic. In additon to this, there are only a few museums and the size of them are much smaller than in Washington. Therefore I saw the expansiveness of the United States of America in a new light.
I was suprised that I can enter National Archives for free and I was searched my baggage at the entrance so I felt admiration for the high security when I went to National Archives. The museum explains American race, women right and slaverw which I learned at the lectures and displays real books about them along the history. What I was impressed most by is after all the original of the Declaration of Independece. Its letters faded so I can not read it. The originals of Constitution of the United States and Bill of right are displayed closely-guarded with it. Once I thought that thanks to these archives the United States of America was founded, I am proud of this experience. On the other hand, Japan has been Independ for many years ,so we have no idea about the exact year when Japan was founded. However, in Japan February 11th stands for National Foundation Day. This day was decided based on Japanese myths. This is because The Emperor Kanmu who were first emperor in the oldest chronicles of Japan ascended the throne on the day. The values between American and Japnese foundation are very different, so I have not thought about various countries’ foundation, but from now on I want to think of foundation of the countries escept for Japan and America.

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