In Washington, the place is different atmosphere from Williamsburg. Williamsburg was very spacious, full of nature, and there were many small fashionable shops.

As Washington was the capital of the United States, it was noisy that it was full of high building, fashionable cityscapes and people as in Tokyo. In fact, however, there are not so many skyscrapers and the pattern was engraved finely and each building was beautiful as a building.

There are many homeless people in some way as in Japan, but what I surprised is that there is no graffiti. I guess the graffiti is less because the sun is setting later than Japan and graffiti is easily visible.

In Washington, there are many bookstores. Compared to small books in Japan, there are many hard books and large size books in the United States. In japan, many people use trains to commute to work for a long time, so it has become easy to read in the train.

At the Japanese embassy on August 15, we talked with Japanese people working at the Japanese embassy. I am majoring in law and I realized that the law is the foundation of the society where people of various positions live and keeps order. So I wanted to get a job using law, and I am considering a national civil servant. It was very valuable experience that I was able to talk with diplomats working at the embassy.

We talked about the occupation we want to work in the future. I learned that based on their interests, they decided the orientation of occupation, so I received stimulation.

Currently I serve as the volunteer to teach children at child care facilities and reconstruct in the Tohoku region, which was greatly affected by Great East Japan Earthquake. The current situation was far different from what I had imagined before I started volunteering. I am thinking about improving the environment of such society vulnerable and enriching education.

Occupations to make this dream come true can be thought from all sorts. By listening to various experiences, I felt that I wanted to consider the future carefully.

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