Journal 4

Regarding the final Dialogue class about the Capital city of America was helpful for me, because this is the first time to go abroad and I really do not know about the Washington D.C. First, Raven told us that the structure of the government of the US. Interestingly, unlike the Japanese Prime Minister, American President has a strong power of deciding a lot of things, but the President, Congress and Legal keep their balances by Checks and Balances. Moreover, since the President Trump started to become President, the structure seems to be changing and the main issue is the improvement of tax and health care for individuals.

On August 15th, through visiting Japanese Embassy, I learned what the main job of the Embassy. Their main jobs are negotiation and they have to be able to communicate with a lot of and various people. This is most difficult job because they seem to be struggling from many differences like thoughts, languages. What I was most surprised is that they have to ask cooperation with American army, if the Japanese Prime Minister comes to America. I never thought that. Moreover, the officer who talked with us was also interesting for me. They have some goals or achievements and realize the tasks against them, and they also learn about a lot of things like American people how to think about their cultures or politics through negotiation.

As the monuments of the US, the Obelisk is most interesting. Interestingly, the color of tower is not the same at all layers. This is because the building was repeated to making and stopping. Actually, I got lost the way to go back hotel, but thanks to the Obelisk, I could find the way to go back the beacon hotel, so I really appreciated the Obelisk. And next, we went to the Supreme Court, the Congress, and its library. They have beautiful and powerful statues or monuments. From them, I learned that the ancient American people made great effort to establish the great country, America, and they are still continuing to make them country as the United States of America. Especially, the Supreme Court is so impressive for me. There are many exhibitions and marvelous buildings. They told me that American people were enthusiastic to make a lot of discussion and a big decision about many cases in Judge. When I go back to Japan, I want to visit the Supreme Court and review the history about it.

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