Journal 4

I think Washington, D.C. is a city of the diversity.
Japan is one of the diversity too, but in Washington, D.C., more various cultures exist. And in Washington D.C. there are a lot of the most advanced things.
I will introduce the differences between Japan and America from three points of view.

First, there are many kind of restaurants. For example, Mexican, Belgian, Ethiopian, Greek…. I wonder that the reason why many different country’s restaurants exist. In my opinion,
a lot of people want their home country’s food. So naturally, there are these many restaurants.

In Japan, of course we can see the various kinds of restaurants. For example, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Hawaiian…. But, they are special things. And, by the trend these restaurants are rise and fall. So without searching the restaurant we want to go, we can’t find that.
However, in Washington D.C. those exists.

Second, today we use “uber” for the first time. I think this system can be a new transportation system. And “uber” is suitable to this city.
The best things of “uber” is that We can use “uber” only by a smartphone. In both of Washington, D.C. and Japan, everyone has smartphone, so in my opinion, ”uber” is the most advanced transportation system. But, “uber” has a lot of problems. There are many crimes like clip joints and frauds.

Meanwhile, in Japan intaking “uber” is difficult. It is because we can forecast taxi drivers might lose their jobs.
In NY, yellow taxi is main stream for tourists. So, we can see many taxi in this city. But In Washington D.C., I didn’t see taxi very much, So “uber” is becoming new main stream.

Third, I went to the White House. The White House is tourist attractions in Washington D.C., and a symbol of politics not only America but also all over the world.

Therefore, Tokyo is also “big” city, but Washington D.C. have more diversity.

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