journal 4

I got to Washington DC on fourteenth August. This is my first visit to there. When I realized that DC is the short of “District of Columbia” and Columbia is named after Christopher Columbus, it completely makes sense. I think it is adequate for the capital of the U.S., because the organization of the government such as the Congress or the Supreme court and so on is collectively in the DC. I thought the major organization of Japan is so collectively, too, but those of the U.S. is closer than those of Japan. When I took Uber, I realize it. The experience of taking Uber taught me various things. The very first taking an Uber is so embarrassing because we took mistake about the driver. We got in the wrong car and asked him to take a picture with us. When we realized he was the wrong driver, we were upset. Uber is not popular in Japan and even opposed by the Japanese government and taxi companies in Japan. After I got to the mall, I am so surprised at that it is so useful. I am really sorry that we do not have Uber in Japan. Moreover, it is so cheap that I think Japanese taxi is too expensive, so I hesitate to use it. and I can realize that taxi companies oppose the introducing Uber in Japan. When I got to the mall in pentagon city, I was surprised at the arbitrary price of products such as jeans, shirts, and shoes. I think the base price of the products in the U.S. is too expensive and It should be much cheaper. If the product isn’t bought, the base price in Japan is getting lower before the sale.

We went to the embassy, I had a good experience. it was rain so I struggled with walking in the rain to the embassy. This was my first time to walk in the such heavy rain in the U.S. it took about thirty minutes, so it was really annoying for me. One of the officer of the embassy, Mr. Nomoto explain to us about the work of embassy. I am interested in the arrangement for Japanese newspaper company.

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