Journal 4

After about 2.5h driving from Williamsburg, we arrived Washington DC. It’s the capital of the U.S, and we will spend last 3days here.
In the first free day, I chose to visit National Gallery and International Spy Museum after lunch. I ‘m truly surprised by the huge museum for art. The museum is separated to west building and east tower. They totally have collections. I spent about 2 hours there. And what really impressed me was a painting by Vangogh which is called “Roses”. It is a quite weird painting I think. There are many white roses in a vase and the background is painted in green. White roses means elegant and pure. And white is always the color for angles. But in the picture, some of these roses are actually withered. And the green background, actually is green with white, it is not a kind of warm color. So both of background and rose gave me a negative impression. In my opinion, Vangogh’s paintings always give me that image and he was not a positive person, since even his self painting has a blue background. And blue always means sad and upset. In fact, I think most of Vangogh’s paintings give me negative feelings and I can’t watch them for a long time.
Washington has lots of museums to visit, and it is also suitable to go shopping. On the red metro line, here is a stop called Pentagon City and it has a fashion center which has near 400 shops. I spent my second free day there. But unfortunately, most brands there I thought were not my style and at last I only bought a pair of short pants and a bag. Since Urara felt not well, we called Qiaoyue and Lilin to help us to find a CI who could drive her back to hotel. And then Brain came to pick us up and we went back to hotel at about 3 p.m. Well, even I didn’t do so much shopping in Pentagon City, I still really like there. Since I found a milk tea shop there and it was really nice, sincerely.
And in the evening, we did a memorial trip in national mall with dialogue class. We saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, WWII Memorial and memorials for Korean War and Vietnam War. What I felt mostly is it’s too hard and tired to walk for 3 hours without finishing dinner! However, I have to walk for a quite long time tomorrow since we will go to museums and stay there for 7 hours.
I don’t think it will be fine for me to walk tomorrow, but I have to. What I can do it’s just hope that museums must be fun.

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