Journal 4 Taiga Koen

We left Williamsburg in August 14 and went to Washington, D.C.  Williamsburg is peaceful and comfortable place and the hotel in Williamsburg was also comfortable that was because the premise of the hotel was very large and the hotel had some amusement facilities such as the pool and the golf course and so on. Thus, I miss Williamsburg.
Yesterday, soon after discussion in the embassy was finished, we ate Ethiopian food in lunch time with Laura, Daniel and “three Yuki” and Hayato. There are not Ethiopian food restaurants near my house, so I was glad to eat it! After lunch, we went to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City to go shopping and visited the United States Department of Defense and the national congress. Then, we ate dinner in China town and came back to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, I felt that the atmosphere in Washington, D.C. was dramatically changed from the daytime to the night. There were many homeless and many police were deployed everywhere. Also, I often heard the siren of a police car especially during night. This situation make clear that the bad public peace in Washington, D.C., and I heard Washington, D.C. is one of the worst public peace city in the USA. I also learned in discussion that the government got donation from the British people, named James Smithson. And by using this donation, the government built some museums to change the image of Washington, D.C. from just the political city to the prosperous city where more people visit or live.
On the other hand, Tokyo is also capital city in Japan, but is usually safe and is the most prosperous city in Japan . The number of homeless in Tokyo is much smaller than that in Washington, D.C. Probably, this situation is caused by difference of welfare and unemployment insurance between Japan and the USA. In addition, Tokyo have also many buildings, however, unlike Washington, D.C., there are few buildings of stone. That is because Japan has a lot of earthquakes and buildings of stone have risk to collapse.
Also, I found the difference between Japan and the USA when I took the train in August 16. When the train was delayed, there was no announcement and no apology for our waiting. This may be usual in the USA, but in Japan, this is unusual. In Japan, even if the train is delayed for only five minutes, the station attendant will apologize for our waiting. It is not rare that Japanese apologize for the trivial mistakes which they (Japanese) don’ t make by themselves.

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