I finally came Washington D.C 14th August.Here is a busy city and I was so exited.
Then I walked around our hotel, I thought here was like Marunouchi in Tokyo because also there is a lot of buildings and important city for politics.For dinner i ate Mediterranean cuisin at restaurant. I also experienced “restaurant week”. This is good for employees but it was so crowded and I couldn’t stay there longer.In Japan, there is a Hanakin which means Friday night. Restaurant sometimes has special menu and happy hour.
when I traveled in America, I always ate typical American food like hamburger got tired of eating them and so missed Japanese food. but during this program, I ate so many kind of food. I realize that American-Chinese food and American-Japanese food are also American culture.

I went to Japanese embassy yesterday.
We had a opportunity to talk with Mr.Seto who was graduated from faculty of literature same as me. He talked to us “you must try hard, and you can learn from failure” It was so great time and opportunity. And then I went to George Town by using uber. I heard about them in Japan, but first time to use uber. It was so useful and convenient because uber came just where we were and driver was so nice. I took a picture with him! I’m worry about whether taxi driver’s income will be decreasing. In Japan, there are a lot of taxi drivers so Japanese government would not adopt uber services. On the other hand, in America, people can have opportunity to change their job and earn money.

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