jornal 5

In this program, I learned a lot of things about American culture. And there is significant changes in my impression to America.

Before this program, I thought America has more simple history and culture. It is because we always hear that America is a nation of individualism and Japan is one of collectivism. So people don’t care about what they do and they have never looked back their history. This was my image to America. But in fact their history and culture are very complicated and I can realized the diversity of America.
When I felt the diversity strongly, it is the class about race and gender. And I’m also surprised at the hierarchy by race and gender. In Japan, people don’t think about these problems very seriously. I think it is because people haven’t runned into the problems for real.

Moreover I learned American people look beck only happy things in their history. Actually in Japan there is the negative legacy like Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima. Meanwhile in America there is no famous negative legacies. However, I think the negative legacy is very important to pass the history down the generations. For example, In also Japan, the textbooks don’t describe about the history between Japan and Korea. In the result, people sometimes have an extremely biased view. Therefore, looking back the negative history is absolutely necessary all over the world.

And, I got stimulated from Williamsburg. Williamsburg is the best place to learn about American general life. All the time I saw America from just one side. It is because I have been only so-called tourist spots in America.
In the life of Williamsburg, I felt that it is more difficult to live rather than Tokyo in Japan. The campus is too big to walk around and the convenience store like Wawa is a little bit far from the campus. Thanks to CI we could get in the cars, but if I don’t have a car in the Williamsburg, I think it is difficult to live.
But in spite of the inconvenience, I want to live there. It is because the people in Williamsburg are so nice and interested in us.

Meanwhile, I feel Washington is similar with Tokyo. The transit system develop and there are many kind of shops and restaurants. But I’m so scared because of the metro’s door. The door is the complete power door-lock. So if people are about to go out or in, the door will close not even know someone’s alive. It is too dangerous to use for a lot of people.Except this, I like Washington. There are many museums and we can go in at no charge, the street is clean, and people are so friendly.

I have ever been NY and Hawaii, each cities have unique atmosphere and culture. But, there is common point. So through this program I realized the people in America have big heart to the idea and thoughts everyone has. I’m so proud of participating this program. Thank you.

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