Journal 5

I had many experiences with wonderful people during I stayed in America. Through this program, I changed my perception of U.S. dramatically. For example, people who related with me through this program was so comprehensive. Not only CIs, PAs but also lecturers.  I was glad that they tried to understand what I wanted to say enthusiastically.  This program taught me a lot of things from various perspective about culture and so on.  Some framework lectures and dialogue classes was difficult for me.  However, Ari, our dialogue class members, PAs helps me to understand about that. Especially, racism and ethnicity gave me some hints to make our team’s presentation.  Thank them for giving me a priceless experience. Studying is fun in the true meaning.  Next if I have chances to help for somebody to learn about what I am studying, I want to help actively.  Usually, I didn’t think about ‘culture’ any more.  As I learned about American culture, I noticed that we had no knowledge about Japanese culture.  I learned racism and discrimination in textbook in Japan, but in fact, I noticed that these problems have been serious, when I walked down the Richmond.  I knew the cruelty of slavery.  What kind of feelings did they feel when they walked down the street from river to place where they were sold?  At the same time, I felt happiness being alive now.  How much is good our environment?  This tragedy should be told people who don’t think about that any more.  Maybe I think knowing the past history make our life enrichment.  Thinking about that, we think much of daily life.  I want to know more history in various places not only America but also European etc.  I think that it is important not only to study abroad but also to study Japan.  Therefore, I should learn more about unique culture and tell something about Japanese culture in detail to foreigners.  Then I can more connect with many people in the world. 

One of the most important thing I learned is diversity.  In America, there are a lot of races, ethnics, gender roles, religions and so on. These differences can be seen in various situations.  the church is one of the good example.  This is the first time to go the church for me.  Regardless the race, they were worshiping to God in the same way.  That scene remains in my eyes.  Our focus group’s theme is diversity of Power Ranger, so Diversity is the most important concept for me in this program.    I want to learn more about micro history in America.  America is so big country, I think each state’s culture maybe different.  In this time, I went to East coast side.  This side is pioneer of America.  If I go to the West coast side in America, I may learn different way of thinking.

In my opinion, I think we cannot learn the real life of American culture in textbook. This time I could learn by actual life experience.  This experience is so priceless.  Lastly, I want to convey my gratitude for all.  Although I don’t decide what I will work, I want to play an active part in the world in the future.  Therefore, I will make an effort to speak English fluently.  Please keep in touch with me forever.  See you soon.  

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