Journal 5

Firstly, I’d like to talk about my most impressive cultural experience,  secondly my perception changed before and after the program and lastly the important thing I’ve learned.

The most impressive experience is “food culture”. American food is too much in volume, too much strong flavor, too salty, too much sweet for dessert and so on. Surprisingly, in a restaurant, American students are served large amount of meal and then eat up, even if they have slim body. I could not believe it. But it is good for me to be able to choose stuffing of sandwich or hamburger. I can choose what kind of souse, cheese, bread… I was so excited to choose.

Next, I’ll talk about my perception of U.S. changed before and after the program.Before I go to the US, as it is often said that “melting pot”, there are many races and they working together. But I hardly saw that in the city. White people and black people are seemed to live separately like workplace, living place and so on. I hardly see that white and black people act together in the city excepting at W&M university. Though the US is often said that “melting pot”, actually it may be not “melt” but “coexistent”, I thought. That is my perception of U.S. changed before and after the program. Then, I wonder it is difficult to understand each other in the US because there are many various human races and each races have different backgrounds. Then it often lead to the problem like citizen’s demo and difference between wealth and poor, I think. But it is not the only truth. Despite W&M’s students are very unique have different backgrounds, they respect each other and are close like family. Can I get along with different kind of person so early? I’m not sure. Perhaps American people can accept others who has different backgrounds easily.

Lastly, the most important things I learned is ‘assertiveness’. I learned many things in the US. Comparing with Japan, I could notice the characteristics of Japanese, as people often said that Japanese people has synchronism like read the situation.  When American people talk to Japanese group, they often keep quiet because they can’t understand what he said and discuss between Japanese “What did he said?”. Japanese students tend to do not face to American but talk to Japanese. They act inconspicuously and don’t say something if they have no confidence. But W&M people said “Don’t worry about mistake. Just try speak something!”. They receive us more warmly than I thought. Also they have entertainments to enjoy other person and try to make somebody laugh and they have positive-thinkings. They enjoy now!  I think they are wonderful and respectable. If I had a situation to have opportunity to talk to foreigners who came to Japan, I would like to welcome them from bottom of my hearts. Through this program, I’d really been stimulated by their thinking that speaking is better than keeping silence, discussing is better than sympathizing with. For that reason, assertiveness is important. Nevertheless, I’m not good at English, I can talk with W&M students a lot because of a bit of assertiveness. In addition, I’m so realized that it is also important to use the language easily. Whether person can use English or not is thoroughly connect to how he can express myself. Non-verbal communication is also very important in communication but verbal communication makes conversation more fun and effect friendship more good. I’d like to keep learning and using English, and try to stay in the US more longer sometime.


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