I have had great experience this time. I experienced American culture through having lectures, field trip, going to lunch with focus group, and many activities. In this last journal, I would like to describe what I learned from this wonderful cross-cultural collaboration between Keio and W&M.

One of the lectures we took is about races. I think one of the biggest differences between Japan and America is diversity. Though I have known about diversity in America since when I was a child, I have never learned about it in the school. So this lecture (including the dialogue class) was very interesting for me. The content of the lecture was mainly about the history of slavery. I learned how slavery strongly connected to American history there. In the lecture, I was surprised that there are still the mind of racial discrimination in some people. Also, I didn’t know there are some thought of white supremacism in America.

Just few days after this lecture, the conflict of a white supremacism group and an opposition faction happened. Furthermore, it happened in Charlottesville which is not far from the College of William and Mary. That is why I felt the issue of race much more familiar. I went to the vigil that happened in front of College of William and Mary with some people. I saw person speaking in front of the people, and everyone held hands and sang a song. I have never participated in vigil, so it was so fresh for me. I was there little time, however I felt importance of this issue strongly, and I admired for highly conscious of matter of the nation and highly ability to take an action of American people. At the same time, I realized that I don’t know about Japan very much. In Japan, I suppose that many people have knowledge of the issues Japan have which is broad but shallow. In addition, they tend to only look at the points that are concretely related to themselves such as rise of consumption tax, and so am I. Taking this opportunity, I am going to consider government and economy of Japan more, for example, initiatively much more than ones of other countries’.

In other, there are many things that I learned in America, such as how to act in a restaurant or a shop, how to take the train, and what the people in America like. Also I haven’t lived in the dormitory, so I could experience a lot of new things. In addition, I made a lot of friends who major in different ways, and I couldn’t meet if I didn’t participate in this program. I get to know not only Japanese friends, but also American friends! (PAs, CIs) I were inspired from them, and I will never forget them. Therefore, I feel that my view became broaden because of this rare opportunity. I’m going to study English more so that I could talk to people all over the world, then I want to know about various countries’ culture especially entertainment. In the last, I greatly appreciate all of people who concern this collaboration program including my parents.


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