Through the CCC program, I learned a lot of important things to understand cultural differences between the US and Japan.

First of all, the reason why I decided to join this program is to learn about English. I wanted to improve my English skills in a short time because I cannot be absent from the practice of cheer-dancing a long time. Therefore, I chose this program that has many elements of education such as lecture, presentation and the opportunity to speak English. Two weeks has passed since I came back to Japan. Now, I realize something in my heart was changed. Before I went to the US, my field is only Japan and I thought I will work for Japanese at Japan. After I came back, a whole new world may open up to me. I can realize the world around me is too small to know the entire world and I could believe my possibility with confidence.

My perception of the US changed before and after the program. Before I joined this program, I did not know about the US very well. I thought the US do not have any problem about equality because it is the symbol country of the liberty. Also, I thought American people do not have to make effort to maintain the equality. After I joined this problem, I learned there are some problem about liberty.

The most valuable things I learned was the segregation problem still remained in the US. In the lecture, professor told us widely and deeply knowledge about diversity of the US, especially racial segregation and LGBTQ. Now, there are many segregation problems in the US, however Americans try to keep effort to solve the problem and they continue to find what I can do to understand each other between black and white. The most important things I learned are attending the vigil for Charlottesville. That kind of gathering is not common in Japan. I was impressed by participant’s acting such as sing a song about equality.

In the world, Japan is known as the symbol of peaceful country. So, we believe in we are happy, all of Japanese people are equality and there are not segregations in Japan. Therefore, we do not realize that there are people who are suffering in Japan. So far, I had not thought about segregation in Japan. This experience is valuable opportunity to think deeply about segregation and I want to be a person who can help those people.

Things I had still like to learn about the US are intersectionality. Actually, there is not Japanese word that fit the meaning of “intersectionality.” Therefore, I interested in this word. In the dialog classes, intersectionality is related with social standing. I have never thought such things, so the idea of “intersectionality” is new for me. Also, I want to keep learning about politics of the US. I think I will able to realize any problem about politics of Japan to know about politics of the US. There are many differences between politics of the US and that of Japan. To compare these two systems and problems, the way to solve all problem of Japan will be clear.

As noted above, I expected this program to improve my English skills. However, I could learn not only English but also the knowledge of the US. I really appreciate all of PAs and CIs. I will keep learning English and I want to back to the US someday. I promise I will try everything with confidence I got through this program.




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