Journal 5

We have been back to Japan for half of month. I still remember what happened in America.
In August 3rd, after 15 hours’ flight and 3 hours on bus, we arrived at William& Mary University’ s dome. And then we started our special trip for 17 days. The first day, I met my roommate, Lilin. She is a Chinese and a very kind person. Even I stayed up at night sometimes, she never became annoyed. When I had trouble, she always listened to me and gave me advice. Once I talked to her about my worries and it was kept until 1:30. In fact, she usually went to bed before 12 a.m, but that night she kept awake and gave me advice until I felt asleep.
Then we started our life in America. In order to let us know more about the college, PAs gave us a campus tour. My favorite spot was After tour, our group then went to Aromas, a cafe in merchant square. It became my favorite restaurant in Williamsburg then. I really liked sandwich there. It was delicious, cheap, but big. The bread and cheese were really nice and I thought it could be the best sandwich I had eaten.
There is no clear line to separate American food and other foods. Hamburgers, fried potatoes, sandwiches, you can say all of these things are American food. Even it is hard to say what is American food, it may be easier to describe American food: eventually big, sweet and high calories. We took a lecture about American food’s history. The professor said that since in the past, workers didn’t have enough time to have lunch and because of heavy work, they need enough energy from their lunch. This might be the reason that why American food has such features.
Once, we learnt about blues and at that day’s night, we had a dance party. I hadn’t danced for 12 years and it was my first time to take part in a dance party. I felt nerves for dancing, but what was nice was that there were teachers teaching us about some simple dance. I still remember “chicken dance”. It was a quite funny and even a little stupid dance. It was too simple to remember and all of us really loved it.
It might be usual for American to hold a dance party to welcome new students. Since it must be a good chance to know lots of people. But in Japan, there is no party for new students. We will have some events when we first come to our campus. However these events are not for us to make friends with each other, but in order to let us know more about university. So Japanese usually be shy and nervous when they take part in dance parties or other events like that.
After 2-weeks’ work with focus group, we finally made our presentation on August 12th. During this work, I learnt much about generational diversity in America. Before I searched for some information about it, I never thought that even in American families, parents restrict children well. They do most of living arrangements for their children and like most Asian parents, many American parents value honor. But most American teenagers value freedom and fun, so that’s why there is generational diversity in American families.
After presentation, we had a chance to go to Washington D.C to have a short trip. There are many kinds of museums in Washington D.C. And I really like National Natural History Museum. There are many kinds of animals’ specimen and I could learn about human’s history in the museum. Another really interesting museum was International Spy Museum. It showed lots of goods that international spy used during WWI and WWII. Spies were not like what I thought before. They were not so cool, even did many simple things. However, they were more dangerous than anyone else, and most of them might not be known to most people.
The life in Washington D.C was quite fun. And in there, I firstly ate Greek food. I tried “yero”, Greek sandwich, with beef, tomato, lettuce and special sauce( looked like yogurt sauce in a soft flat bread. It was really nice and I could eat a lot of vegetables. Since I really love sweets, I went to Cheesecake Factory. What I really want to say is cheese there was really really nice. And I thought cheese macaroni must be the best. Of course, cheese cakes there were delicious too, even they were the sweetest cakes I had eaten. And in my spare time, I went to a bookstore,. It was a quite different place, because there was a bar behind the bookstore and people could go there directly after buying books.
In the last day, we had a party and talent show. I will never forget PAs’ “KOI” dance, which was really famous in Japan last year. I will never forget Lia and Kate’s dance. I will never forget every CI’s tears. Now I put presents from Chris and Julia on my shelf and it will remain me not forgetting these days.
I am glad to meet my cute PA, Julia. She was really cute and always pouted to me. And she really helped with my work during preparing for presentation. In fact, it was Julia who helped us to decide our argument for generational diversity. And I really want to say ” Thanks” to Chris, my CI. He was really kind. When I was finding some books easy to read in the bookstore, he gave me much advice and helped me to find. And the chocolate he told me was so delicious that I bought much before I came back to Japan.
I hope I can have time to go to Williamsburg again and see all of you again!

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