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First of all, the most impressive thing for me is we can see a bunch of various Americans who come from other countries everywhere in America, in other words, immigrants. People who I was involved in have permanent rights to live in American but their families are from Cuba, Italy, Malaysia and Ireland. When I asked one of them or read a book about immigrant, they said that historically immigrants had no choice but to struggle with getting a job, and obtaining a green card in order to make it in the US. However, I think that the present America is supported by immigrants in terms of national power, such as business. On the other hand, a majority of people in japan are just Japanese, so they tend to stand out when they are on the street. To make matters worse, there is possibility that they would be bullied when they are so young. I learned that Japanese people should be generous with other people in a daily basis regardless of foreign tourists.

Second of all, one thing I would like to learn is how Americans think of the present president of the United of States of America. I am a neutral position toward him. Fortunately I could interview some Americans about the US politics in Washington D.C. and Arizona, because the former is known for liberal, and the latter is famous for conservative. One professor and my our staff always told that one of reasons why American people are divided into two groups is people living in cities have academic backgrounds like bachelor or master degrees so they have many flexible viewpoints about politics. In the meantime, people who live in countryside are uneducated, I mean they graduate from their high school not colleges, so they are impacted by their parents or friends in terms of their ways of thinking about politics. Other famous reason is more half of Americans are sick of traditional politicians so they want the president who has no political background alter American domestic situations at once. That’s why Donald Trump was elected. However, I would like to know other reasons why he was elected or won and people support him so far. In my view, he cannot manage his country skillfully compared to the past presidents.

Finally, what I was so surprised at is American students work very hard. Compared to Japanese students, Americans are much willing to learn everything in the universities. It is said that one of reasons is educational differences between Japan and U.S.A. all Japanese students have to do is study hard in order to be accepted by high school and colleges with one written exam. In addition, it is much easier for Japanese students to graduate and get a job if they enter a prestigious university than Americans On the other hand, Americans are selected by the holistic exams so they have to maintain high grades, volunteer, and do club activities when they are high school students. Besides, I think that American freshmen focus on their studies even though Japanese freshmen are apt to forget their studies in general. In fact Japanese students don’t stay the library to study compared to Americans. We have to learn their attitudes toward studies.

I am planning to study abroad in America next year for one year. I want to learn cutual differences again!

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