Journal 5

I had many precious experiences in this two weeks.  I could learn real problems in the U.S.  Actually, I know those are only a part of many problems.  However, I think it is important to know little by little about these problems.  So, I would like to write what I felt in the U.S. in this last journal.

First, I was surprised about the food.  In the U.S., everything is bigger than Japan.  So, I couldn’t sometimes eat all of them.  Additional, American food is very unnatural.  This  means American food is very spicy or sweet.  I like this taste, but I am sometimes disgusted.

Next, I’m going to talk about most impressive lecture in this two weeks.  My favorite lecture is Culture, Citizenship and Consumption.  Because I belong to the commerce and business department.  So, I study about that things in Japan.  I was surprised that there is connection between citizenship and consumption, because I heard this idea for the first time.  I think that this way of thinking is American specific.  Because there are a lot of race and racial problems get attention in the U.S.  So, citizenship leads to consumption.  This means people buys things tailored to society and culture.  People wants to wear the same things with most people.  I think what to wear expresses that society.  If people wants to enter a society, maybe first of all, they buy something suitable for the society.  I thought that citizenship is such as important for people.

Finally, I want to talk about my impression in the U.S.  I was surprised that all of the lectures connect with racial problems.  Racial problems are indispensable in talking about my learning in the U.S.  I thought American history is always with racial problems.  And African American made a lot of foundations of American culture, for example American music that is from the Richmond Slave Trail and lunch is from slave.  However, it is recently that racial problems came to be viewed as problems and there are still racial prejudices.  I was very surprised that there are still big racist organizations like KKK, sometimes big crash happened and big racial history is very recently.  Before I came to the U.S., I thought racial problems are not so big problems.  Because, in Japan, we don’t feel racial problems and it was not familiar with us.  But I learned that racial problems are not familiar with us and we have to know more these problems, since the world is becoming globalized more and more.  So, I think that we must treat this problem more seriously.

In this CCC program, I learned a lot of things, taught interest culture and got very precious experiences.  I learned from not only the lectures but also talking with PAs and CIs.  However I felt I must study English more, because I couldn’t tell them all of my thinking because of my English ability.  I would like to study more about racial problems and citizenship and consumption in Japan.  I want to thank for everyone involved, like CIs, PAs and all of participant.  And, I am very grad to join this program and meet them.

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