journal 5

I learned many things in U.S. I knew not only American culture and society but also courage to speak to foreign people.

First, about American culture and society, I could know them by Framework lecture and Dialogue class. There are many kinds of lectures so I could enjoy them every day. Especially I was interested in the lecture about gender and sexuality. I found that even America, social structure for LGBTQ has not been completed yet. I want to come with this problem from now on. And, in dialog class, I had opportunities to question about the lecture. Also, my dialogue class teacher (CI) was very kind and well-informed person. Therefore, I could deepen my knowledge of the lectures cheerfully.

In addition, there were other opportunities to understand American culture and society. One of them is Focus group presentation. Since We were in Japan, we have worked on comparison between Japan and America in each group. In my group, we searched Power Ranger which is localization of Japanese Super Sentai series and made a presentation about how they developed and Power Ranger got diversity. We tackled the subject with a local student (PA) and as well as keio students so we could have a constructive discussion under American logical thinking. I learned how to make good presentation from local students. My charge was Power Ranger and Super Sentai series difference about race and ethnic, and from this difference, made a comparison between thought about race and ethnic in America and that in Japan. I could put my learning from Framework lecture and Dialogue class, As I told before, and I found many good reasons for my argument. Presentation was good experience because we did them in large hall and use power point. I was very nerves but my group mate and PA encouraged me, and as a consequence I could have a presentation with self-confidence.

Another opportunity is free time and visit to museums and sightseeing spots. In free time, my PA or CI take me to the restaurants near the university and enjoyed shopping with keio students. There were many museums in Williamsburg and Washington DC. Particularly Natural Museum of Natural History was very interesting because many stuffed animals and beautiful gems were in there. If I had stayed in Washington DC more, I would have been to there and look all display inside out. Also, I had never been abroad so I was worried about tipping. However, once I understood that tipping is just one of the way of express my gratitude to good service, I thought American culture is interesting. In dinner, there are Italian cuisine, Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and so on other than American cuisine but all of them are Americanized.

I want to search why this happens someday. American society and culture are completely different from Japanese one, but we can understand and enjoy them. I think that is very important.

Second, I became not to be afraid when I talk to foreigner in English. My roommate was local student so I got used to speaking English. I found that what necessary for English conversation is to have a courage to talk to them. I want to use this power for the future.

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