I could learn a lot of things during this program.
First, before I came to America, I thought I had to talk with perfect English and correct grammar when I talk to someone in English. In Japan, Most students study English at least 6years or so and study every day at desk and memorize a lot of academic words. Because English is nothing more than ‘study’ to enter university for Japanese students. However, I found that was not good for communicate with people. I realized that just speaking English and practicing conversation is more important than trying to speak perfect English. And also I realize that just think I want you to understand what I want to say and talk with easy English, everything would be ok. I talked with someone many times, and then I backed to my room, I looked up what I could not explain well over and over, finally that connected to improve my English skills. And CIs and PAs frequently praised me that my English was so good and pronunciation was nice. That was motivated me and I got more confident.
Second, I was interested in American food culture.
I took the lecture about them and I learned the origin of lunch and American dinner. For example, fast food culture was spread throughout the U.S because people thought that lunch must be ueaten quickly in order to return office as soon as possible. However, in Japan, that kind of culture didn’t spread, on the other hand, well-prepared lunch like Bento box and Chara[it means cartoon character]Ben[a clipped word of Bento box] is getting famous and more and more mothers struggle to make them. And that kind of culture becomes the way to express affection for their children. I wonder where the differences between Japan and the U.S comes from. I think both culture have a good point and bad point. Fast food is bad for health but it is easy to make and eat. Well-prepared food is good for health and looks nice but take long time to make it. So I hope someone develop fast healthy food in the future for both Americans and Japanese.
During this program, I ate so many kinds of foods. Every time I visit the U.S, I always eat typical American foods like hamburger pizza and steak and get tired of eating them. In addition I miss Japanese food to death while on a trip. So I brought a lot of Japanese foods for this situation. However they were unnecessary because I enjoyed different culture foods. And I realized that for example American-Chinese food and American-Japanese food is also American culture. I was surprised Chinese people make Japanese food at Oishii!
As for food, I went to Shakeshack in Washington D.C. I tried a limited menu in the U.S and it was awesome. It is not just that, I told to staff that I work at shakeshake in Tokyo, they really welcomed me and gave a T-shirt for free! I was so surprised and moved! Now I work wearing it.

I experienced a lot of things and feel American culture. I keep studying English hard and someday I want to back to Washington D.C!
I want to say thank all of the people. I love you all.

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