Wonderful and Perfect Two Weeks (Journal 5)

When I look back the two weeks in the States, what I can say is it was the right decision that I participated in the program. I could get and learn much more than I expected.


One thing is what I learned about American culture which turned out to be much more complicated than I thought before I went to the US. Before I went to William and Mary and took those lectures, I wrote two papers on history of foundation or colonial era and discrimination on black people. At that time, I thought as if I get the whole history and fact of the topic which is totally wrong. A couple books don’t and cannot describe the American culture. American culture has connection with history, people’s daily life, government and countries around America. Further more each topic is united too. For instance, civil right movement appeared several times in lectures and discussion class we had. It has relationship with             Each aspect of American culture doesn’t stand alone but supports and is supported by other aspects. When we look at the certain object and try to analyze it from the point of American culture, it can be very difficult because of its complicat複雑さ.


The lecture and discussion class at Williamsburg gave me knowledge and way to think about American culture, while the visit to Japanese embassy in D.C. gave a chance to think of how I can use the knowledge I got. An ambassador asked us what we want to do in the future. I couldn’t answer more than “I want to do something using English”. I would like to work “internationally” but haven’t decided the detail. My major is business which can be what I will do in the future. If I serve business, knowledge that culture of one country has a big influence on business too (which I learned i this program) will be very useful because a culture affect consumption and the way people think. Also it makes sense that my English teacher told us to write a paper on business and culture as a final term paper. Even though English is used all around the world, this program made me think I want to work in America because American culture is very interesting and I want to know more about it.


Another thing is the connection with all CA, PA, Neeve and Bryan. CAs are so energetic and passionate on American culture which inspired me to be that way. I’m very grateful to them for willing to share their ways of thinking or experience including things Ari and Ravynn told us when we went to a vigil. Neeve helped our focus group a lot with finding the thesis willing to even give us an article. Getting to know with them changed my way of thinking. I want to be someone like them willing to give others, someone always passionate and sensitive to the world around me.

PAs inspired me with their Japanese skills. They speak Japanese really well and I’m sure they have made a lot effort to reach there. I need to study with more effort to brush up my English too. Everyone involved in this program are so nice and sweet which made my two weeks stay a better thing. I want to keep in touch with them!!!


I found myself changed the way of looking at the world soon after the program. One moment that I felt a change in me is when I watched the movie Kong; skull island on flight to go back to Japan. The movie takes place in the time right after Vietnam War. Maybe because I visited Vietnam War memorial and heard the story of it by Ari, and saw an exhibition on wars at the National Museum of American History in D.C., I I could not enjoy the movie as the entertainment with some complex feelings. I wondered how American people feel or think of the movie. I guess there is a gap between how elderlies perceive the story and how young people do. I want to keep having wonder or doubt like this when I look at both American Japanese culture.


Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to everyone in this program especially people of William and Mary. All of you gave me the wonderful two weeks. I can not wait to see you again!!! I will definitely visit America again and I want you to visit Japan too! Tell me when you visit here!

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