Mone Iwata – Journal1 Entry

My first impressions about this program are that it is very fun and the staffs of this program are very kind. However, I can’t usually hear what they say in English and can’t talk English to teachers. I was sad because I couldn’t do it and I realized the lack of my English ability. I felt again that English is not easy to me.

My biggest goal is to be able to communicate in English more than before I visit this university. I have the fear of speaking English because I’m not good at English and I had no chance to use English so much before, but during this program I hope to remove this fear and speak English more aggressively than in Japan. Also, I need to explain Japanese culture to teachers in focus group work and dialogue class and so on. I think I can understand our culture much more. Moreover, I want to experience much American culture such as food and some activities as possible during this program.

Until I took the lecture1, I have never heard the word ‘locale’. The difference between locale and local is difficult to understand for me. I think my local place is where I live now because I have lived there for 14 years and I like my house’s neighborhood.

In the lecture2, I heard of the American racism. I think the whites think they are superior to the blacks until now, so they may separate the whites and the blacks. I think the problem of the race doesn’t solve unless the whites treat the blacks as equal, but I think that is difficult. In today’s dialogue class, we also talk about the discrimination in japan. In japan, we don’t tend to accept the person who don’t look like Japanese. I’m not conscious about the fact, but I decide by skin color whether the person is Japanese or not, without thinking about their background such as how long they live their countries. I thought there was not discrimination in Japan, but I think around me there is discrimination about Korean, Okinawa and Hokkaido people. I want to avoid seeing things one-sidedly.

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