Mone Iwata -Journal Entry2

I heard three lectures about Americans culture. All are interesting to me and I can learn the difference between Japanese culture and American culture.

From lecture3 about the business, I learned the difference of the way of thinking between the US and Japan. I know Americans frequently claim their opinions, but I don’t know the difference affects to the business.

I am interested in the behavior of taking political hashtag on their post in the US. In Japan, Japanese rarely talk about politics on Twitter and Instagram. In the first place, most of the Japanese rarely talk about politics in face to face. Japanese don’t like talking about politics and economics. However, in the US, Americans talk about politics both. I think Americans aggressively talk about politics. For these things, I think this is big difference between Japan and the US.

I like eating delicious food, so I’m interested in the food culture. From lecture5, I agree with his opinions that food is individual but social, and it is universal but particular. I feel I can connect other people by eating food.

By the way,I ate Vegan food for the first time. In Japan, Vegan isn’t popular. I have never heard ‘Vegan’. I don’t like Vegan food because I feel the food including meat and eggs and so on is delicious for me, but it is a good experience.

In addition, I ate a lot of American food since I arrived in the US. I think the American food is so various and delicious. However, I feel there are many differences between American food and Japanese food. The size is much bigger than Japanese food. There is a reason why the American food is big.When they go to a restaurant, it is a special day. They pay money for the food and service of the restaurant, so they want a meal with a certain amount, not small meal.Also, the taste is stronger than Japanese food. Moreover, I ate a lot of American food, but I felt it was all like American. I am interested in this fact.

I want to learn and enjoy American culture much more.

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