Chieri Tatsukawa Journal 4

This is the my first visit to the Washington.D.C. Almost everything is interesting. It is very different from Japan and also different from Manhattan either. I was surprised when I first saw the station, because it’s so deep and huge. I feel scared when I am using the escalator to go down. The escalators are also different from Japan. They are a bit slower and people stand opposite side from Tokyo but same as Osaka. When I saw the platform I actually thought it might be a shelter, although I do not know is it true or not.
Because I have been to Manhattan many times, I have been seeing some homeless. however I usually do not see them in Japan, so they make me bit scary. Besides that, the hotel is so nice and close to the station. It is very convenient and easy to move around.

I went to Center Metro and Chinatown. I ate Chinese food at the restaurant which called Eat First. It was delicious. I like Chinese food in the US. It is different from the one in Japan. I often miss the sesame chicken and beef and broccoli. I also drank the bubble tea, which was very good.
Today, I also ate Chicken and Waffles and cupcake. It was awesome. I love food in the US. Its seem unhealthier compared to Japan, but the unhealthy food is always tasty.

Monuments and memorials were also interesting. There are some sentences that I know, on the wall at Martin Luther’s king memorial. During the last dialog class, Chris asked us if there are any memorial or monument in Japan. There are some in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to pray for the victims of atomic bombs. There might be one in Yasukuni shrine, which is the place I have never been to. So honestly, I am not sure about it.

This shrine often becomes a problem between China, South Korea, and Japan. It has the memorial for the Japanese soldiers who fought during WW1 and WW2. Japan had done cruel things to Countries such as China and Korea, and when prime minister visits the that Shrine, it always becomes the international problem. Therefore, I have questions. Does the US president visit the memorial for Vietnam war or Korean War? And if so, is it become a problem?

I went to the Holocaust museum. it was emotional but also important history that we have to remember. At the museum, I saw the news in the US, at that time. It contains the news about Pearl Harbor. When I was at that place, I felt someone staring at me.
As learning history and going museum in the US, I always realize that there are so many perspectives and that is why it is difficult to solve the conflict.

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