Hinako Otsuka -jounal entry4

In this journal, I will mention two things.

First is about the habit of ‘TIP’.Since, in Japan, we have no habit of ‘TIP’, I  can not get used to that quickly.However after I stayed in Williamsburg for few days, I got used to that gradually and I could pay tip gracefully depending on the service I took.

I feel that employees in America was more friendly than those of Japan.  If it is because of the tip, tip is nice idea for customers.In spite of that, the habit of tip has both positive and negative point for employees.Positive one is employees can believe that if they work well, they will be able to get much money. It leads to the motivation. Negative one is employees are needed improving their service always for the tip.

On the other hand, In Japan, wages do not depend on their job performances ,so, there is a problem of decreasing of motivations of employee.With this matters in mind, it might be better for Japanese to introduce the habit of tip .However I think introducing it to Japan is so difficult because we have not have this habit since at least we founded the country.

Next, I will mention the difference between WashingtonDC and Williamsburg , WashingtonDC and Tokyo.

It was my first visit to WashingtonDC. I felt that WashingtonDC is an urban atmosphere because there are lots of people, cars and street lights and so on. Especially, variety of restaurants is amazing. For example, in WashingtonDC there are some Japanese restaurants but in Williamsburg, there is almost one restaurant as one country.

And I felt that WashingtonDC is similar to Tokyo in terms of the landscape.When I walked streets in WashingtonDC, I remember the lesson in William &Marry university. Teacher said that ‘If you go to the urban,you will see much more homeress.’I could understand what teacher told us. On arriving WashingtonDC ,I saw a lot of homelesses.The same phenomenon is noted in Tokyo too.It is a serious problem. We should solve it as soon as possible.

Anyway,I had a great time in WashingtonDC.

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