Hiroki Iizuka- Journal Entry 4

I’d like to write my impression about Washington D.C. This is my first time to visit foreign country. Before coming to the U.S., I had an image that generally the U.S. has a low standard of public safety compared to Japan. However, the image changed in a few days because I could walk around Washington D.C. without having a dangerous experience in a few days, and now I have an image that Washington D.C.
I noticed that the climate is different from Williamsburg and Washington D.C. I realized that Washington D.C. is cooler than Williamsburg because Washington D.C. is norther than Williamsburg, and Washington D.C. isn’t humid than Williamsburg. The humidity of Williamsburg was so hard for me. Thus, I could walk around Washington D.C. and bought things comfortably.
On August 14, I went to Georgetown. I was really surprised at that there was a shop of Haagen-Dazs because, in Japan, we can buy Haagen-Dazs ice cream, but there is not any shop of Haagen-Dazs. The shops evacuated from Japan a few years ago. After that, I used “Uber” when I went to a steak shop, and that was my first time to use it. Before I use it, I worried about the safety of Uber, but I realized that was so convenient and good tool after I use it. Furthermore, I rode a bus to return to the hotel, that was also my first time to use it in foreign country.
On August 15, I went to the Chinatown and pentagon. The shopping mall of pentagon was so big, and I could buy gifts for my friends. When I moved to the Chinatown, I rode the subway, and that was also my first time to use it in foreign country. It was a little difficult for me to judge which train should we rode, that was more difficult than Japan.
On August 16, we went to the embassy of Japan and listen to the lectures. Today, it was terribly hot, so it was hard for me in the way of going and returning because I wore the suits. That lecture was so precious opportunity, and I could listen to so valuable speech.

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