Journal 4 Nanako Ohgo

Journal Entry 4

Nanako Ohgo

In Washington DC, we had a lot of precious experience. In Williamsburg, there is lots of nature and we experienced real university life in William and Mary university. On the other hand, in Washington, we feel the center of the United States. There are Congress, the White House, embassies of all the country and so on. It shows us that the United States has strong power in many fields.

On 16thAugust, we went to the Japanese Embassy in Washington and had a chance to talk with the diplomats. One of them talked about his way to be a diplomat. It was very interesting for me because I would like to study abroad for long term like him. Additionally, they told us what they do as job and what they want to achieve. I thought Embassy is far from me but I got interested in diplomacy by listening to his story. It was very good opportunity.

After going to the embassy, I visited the National Gallery of Arts with my friends. I major in history of art, so I often go to museums in Tokyo. I could compare museums of both countries. I was really surprised that the National Gallery of Art has much more paintings and many of them are created by famous painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Vermeer and Claude Monet. Those kinds of paintings are also famous for Japanese people, but only a few paintings exist in Japan. I believe the United States has so many famous paintings because it has one of the greatest power and wealth in the world. What is more, I found it interesting that some people replicate the paintings of the museum. In Japanese museums, visitors have to be quiet and just look at paintings in order. I prefer the freedom at American museums.

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