Journal 4

The nighttime tour of National Mall and Memorials was so tired but exciting. I was very excited because I saw many beautiful views. Washington D.C. is a beautiful city. There are a lot of monuments and big imitative architecture of ancient Greek and Rome so I took many pictures. Geography of Washington D.C. is also interesting. I saw big river Potomac, and vast lake in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, so I wondered that the place which now Washington D.C. exists was lowland or wetland in the past. I also surprised that there are so many straight roads in Washington D.C. I saw many beautiful parks and open spaces. I think these are the features of planned city. These are so interesting for me because there are few planned cities in Japan.

By some viewpoints, Edo is a planned city because it was planned by Ieyasu Tokugawa in beginning of Edo period. However, this city developed every time it burned by big fire or population increase, so its development was sprawl rather than systematic exploit, therefore I do not think that Edo was a planned city.

If I had to choose, Sapporo might be a planned city. Sapporo is a city in Hokkaido Island. This city was planned in Meiji era, which is a period that many Japanese settled in Hokkaido island. Sapporo was designed as a capital of the new administrative districts, Hokkaido prefecture, which had been a land of Ainu people. Prefectural office and university were made in the city, and railway opened. Street were designed in a grid, and vast park was made in the center. Now Sapporo have developed as a beautiful and efficient city, and many tourists visit there.

I like thinking about history and geography so Washington D.C. is a very interesting city for me.

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