Journal Entry 4 – Mone Iwata

I visit Washington D.C for the first time. Before visiting here, I imagined that there were many tall buildings and many people like Tokyo because D.C. is the Capital City of the United States.However, it was a little different from what I had imagined before visiting. There are not many tall buildings and people in Washington. Tokyo has more tall buildings and more people than Washington. I think Tokyo is a very narrow city but very large city, that is, there are few places to construct buildings as workplaces. So, Tokyo has so many tall buildings. On the other hand, the US is very large. Unlike in Japan, the central city of politics, economics and so on are not gathered in the US. For example, New York is the center city of economics, and Washington is the center of politics. I like the scenery of Washington rather than the scenery in Tokyo.

Also, I was surprised that Washington was bad for security. I have heard that New York is less secure than Tokyo, but I imagined the security in Washington was a little better. Tokyo is very good for security, so I feel comfortable to live in Tokyo. Regarding this point, I like Tokyo rather than Washington.

Finally. I used Metro very much. In Tokyo, there are lots of trains and subways, so I use trains many times in Tokyo to go to my destination. It is convenient for cities to have such means of transportation. However, I felt trains in Washington is better than in Tokyo, because it was easy to understand that according to destinations the colors were divided. Trains in Tokyo have complicated names, so it is hard to understand which train to take.

Although my stay was very short, I can feel many cultural commonalities and differences between Washington and Tokyo. It was very fun for me.

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