Journal Entry 4- Sayaka Nakajima

In August 15th, we went to some memorials in night walk. There are so many memorials around Potomac River. All the monuments were huge. I was surprised that many statues and architectures were built only for commemoration. In Japan, there are many historical statues, too. But I cannot tell a historical architecture commemorating someone which was built after he or she died. In Japan, there are famous historical architecture such as the Atomic Dome and other Japanese castles, but they are all relics of the past. It is not common to build architecture newly only for commemoration in Japan. It takes much money to build a huge architecture. In the United States, it may be necessary for the government to build something new to enhance the unity of citizen even by the expensive way.

In august 16th, we went the Japanese Embassy in Washington. It was strictly guarded. Once I have been to the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, I did not have inspection of personal belongings. So I felt that Americans have severe security awareness than Japanese. Diplomatic agent was unfamiliar to me, but two of the staffs who explained to us were the graduates of Keio University. It was a unique experience.

In the afternoon, we went to the National Gallery of Art as free activity. Our dialogue group are going to go to African American Culture and History Museum and the National Museum of American History, so we wanted to go to another museum. It was much bigger than I had expected. There were many famous pictures which I have seen in textbooks of art and world history. We got excited. It must take so much money to gather many famous pictures.

I realized the national power of the United States from these experience. Everything is larger scale in the United States than in Japan

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