Journal Entry4 Honoka Hayashi

In the last framework lecture, I thought that the definition of the word “Museum” is different between America and Japan. When I went to National Gallery of Art I was so surprised at the vastness of Smithsonian Museum. I thought Smithsonian is one building of American History museum. But Smithsonian is a name of many museums.

I like many museums in Japan because most of them is small and have great qualities. They are well designed. We don’t need to walk a lot. It is very comfy for us.

On the other hand, Smithsonian museum is very large. We can’t watch all display items over 3 days. In most of the museum, admission is free. I was impressed by the vastness of the site area and the variety of exhibition. The statue of Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln is also very big. The monument that was in the side is too big and tall for me to read what is written.

I think the goal of making Smithsonian is to appeal their glory to other countries. Their number amuses and overwhelms many people. The goal of Japanese museum is to entertain the people who come there by providing knowledges about exhibition. Many museums put more detail commentaries than American commentaries in one by one works. Therefore, we could know and enjoy the backgrounds of the works. The tendency of American to love the things of large is exciting for me. And I love the Japanese well-managed comfy.

I did not expect the largeness of the Japanese Embassy building standing the Washington. It is larger than other embassy buildings. But inside of building is clean and there is the inspection of personal belonging. The well management relaxed me.

Mr. Suzuki said that America is the country of diversity. That word reminded me of many kinds of exhibition of National gallery of Art.

I want to keep respecting the individuality of two countries.

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