Journal4 Mitsuki Wada

Three days have passed since I came to Washington. Washington was a completely different atmosphere from Williamsburg that I have spent so far. The cityscape is very beautiful, many shops and so on are lined and the entire city was full of vibrancy. This time I would like to write down what I learned while staying in Washington DC for 3 days. First of all, I visited the embassy and had me think about lots of things so I would like to write about that. Next, I will write about the difference between Japan and the US that I noticed by walking around the city of Washington.
It was a nice experience to visit the Japanese embassy and to hear the story of those working as diplomats. Especially, I was able to listen to the story of my undergraduate senior and I got very helpful. I thought diplomats would like to think as one of the future options. However, in order to become a diplomat, I reaffirmed that I have to raise my ability to concentrate using English and other second foreign languages, although of course I am studying for exams. I do not know what kind of work I will be going to work in the future, so I wanted to keep in mind that I always keep studying.
I would like to write about the differences between Japan and the US noticed by spending time in the city of Washington. There are two differences. The first one is about the employees of the store. In Japan, many college students and others are working part-time at eating and drinking establishments and apparel, but in the United States people in the age group such as college students and high school students do not seem to work like they are. The second is about people’s behavior. In Washington, we greeted and smiled at the time of passing by others. I thought this was a sight that cannot be seen absolutely in Japan.
The rest of my stay is short, but I would like to learn a lot.

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