When I went to Washington D.C, what I felt for the first time is that Washington D.C. is more urbanized than Williamsburg. There are more people, more buildings, more cars in Washington D.C than in Williamsburg.

That’s more, people in Washington D.C. are more thinned than one in Williamsburg. I think people who live in urban city tend to care about their health. There are many restaurants for veges. In the countryside like Williamsburg, the number of the restaurants is small, and the kinds of the restaurants are also small. So, people who live in urban city like Washington D.C. are easy to eat healthy food.

I went to Japanese restaurants, “Rakuya” for dinner, on the day when I arrived at Washington D.C. I ate California Roll and Gyoza, and Ramen there. These foods I ate there were not Americanized so much in many ways. First, the volume of these foods was same as one in Japanese. After I came to America, the volume of foods which I ate was all large. So, when I went to Rakuya, first we worried about that we couldn’t finish to eat, and we tried to share with friends. However, the volume of foods was not as large as what I expected. Second, the taste of them was so similar to that of foods in Japanese. When I went to the Japanese restaurant, “Oishii,” in Williamsburg, I thought that the taste of them was so Americanized. So, I was surprised when I ate in “Rakuya.” I am interested in why the difference caused.

On 15th August, I went night time tour of National Mall and Memorials, and I saw many monuments which are celebrated for the president, famous people or the victim of the war. I felt that there are no monuments like them in Japan. There are also statues in Japan, but they are not so big as one in US. Because people in Washington D.C can look at monuments from all of views, so they can feel their power, and remind the war on a daily basis.


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