Maho Shibata

On August 14th, the first day in Washington D.C, I went for a walk around The Embassy Hotel and U street. And also, I went to Trade Joes supermarket and I bought some organic soup and snacks. I was happy because I had wanted to buy some soups as a souvenir. Moreover, we had some nice Ethiopian food with some students and PAs. We ate it by using hands. It was so delicious!

On August 15th, we went to Chinatown and White House. In Chinatown, I had a bubble tea with flavor of Thai tea. It was so sweet but very delicious. At White House, we could not access, but I could feel it was so powerful. Some people were holding demonstration and doing dance performance. It was very cool. On that day, on the way back to The Embassy Hotel, I saw Gandhi Monument, and I took picture with him because I used to live in India and I respect him. At that time, I came up with question that why Gandhi Monument exist in Washington D.C. I didn’t have enough time to study about connection with Gandhi and Washington D.C, so I want to study about this theme after I will go back to Japan.

On August 16th, I went to Pentagon City. It was very huge shopping mall, so I couldn’t see all shops that I wanted to go, but it was fun. At lunch time, I had pizza. My favorite food in the world is pizza, so this program that I spent in United States for just two weeks was very happy moments for me because I was able to eat pizza every day. At dinner time, I went to Japanese restaurant called “Rakuya”. I had “Tuna Tartare with lemonade source”. It was so delicious, and I enjoyed it to the last bite.


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