Mizuki Honda

Today, August 17, 2018, we went to embassy and had a precious experience there.

I have never permitted to enter such a special place. So that I appreciated the surrounding environment. One of the people there, Soichiro Suzuki, who is the second secretary, public Affair Section embassy in japan, speak very interesting things. He spoke the career and how he decided to be a diplomatic agent. Suzuki said that college student had possibility to be anything. So that in my college life, I want to meet and talk to various people, and broadened my perspective.

In the afternoon, I went to the White House and United State Caption. Before going to the White House, I was very excited, because it was a famous place. However, What I realized after visiting is that The White House was the political Facility, and always was at the risk of terrorism. It is true that in front of the White House, there are so many people and crowed with tourists. Although I could see there were some people had demonstration signboards, and there are police officer with gun. Also, I could see the Fence is pointed, which refused to go inside. I thought this was very good opportunity to think about world peace.

By the way, in America, traditionary president live in White House. However, in japan, the prime Minister traditionally does not live in the residence. For example, Shigeru Yoshida, who is the prime Minister of 45, 48, 49, 50, 51, lived in old Asuka kyutei, and there was the place he attends to government affair. Also, Ichiro Hatoyama lived in Otowa kyurei, and do some of the finance at home. And now, former prime minister, Shinzo ABE, live in his home.

It is very interest fact for me.

Finally, I finished this program, and tomorrow I will go back to japan. Thank you for all people and I would like to make this experience more meaningful.


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