Yoshina Itakura – Journal Entry 4

                 There are two points about the differences between Japan and Washington D.C. in this journal. One thing is the difference in the monuments. And another thing which I am focusing on is the one in the structure of public buildings, especially the stations of the subway, “Merto”.

                 Firstly, on August 16th, nightmare tour of National Mall and Memorial including Washington memorial, Lincoln memorial, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial took place. In the case of the United States, many historically important monuments are located in Washington D.C. which is the capital of America. On the contrary, In Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan, there are few historical buildings, but in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there are statues about praying for not dropping the atomic bombs again. So, in America, the place as the capital and the history of America interact with each other, but in Japan, they do not. This is why American government has been inherited from the past, but in Japan when the era changes, the political system also has replaced, for example, Tokugawa shogunate, and Kamakura shogunate. Therefore it is more difficult to receive something from the past in Japan than in America.

                 Secondly, while in Washington D.C. I have taken the subway to go to the destination. When I got off the train, I found that the structure of the arrival station is the same as the one of the departure station. However, in Japan, a structure of the station is different from the one of any other stations. Nothing can be replaced. So in US, the construction of the subway is not varying and homogenized. US stations have been designed for making much of efficiency. But in Japan it has many kinds of variety, and there are some people who are enthusiastic about the differences in the railways and the structures, which is called ‘Tetsuota’. Japan stations have been planned for inspiring Japanese people.

                 Therefore, there are many historical buildings in the capital of US, and the construction of US subway stations is almost same. But in Japan there are few monuments, and the subway stations are variable. Finally, I am very happy that Leah is in charge of my dialogue class. I appreciate that.

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