Yuki Hida- Journal 4

I finished the presentation, and I realized some things.

First, the importance of eye contacts. If someone speaks great things, without eye contacts, the audience will become not to have interest for the presentation. And without eye contacts, voice becomes smaller. So, I decided do it when I feel nervous. Actually, when the members of other groups spoke while looking down, I couldn’t listen to their voices. There may be people who feel being ignored.

Second is confidence. Especially in question time. I couldn’t answer the questions from Keio students or PAs very well because I was overwhelmed. From this experience, I learned that being firm is most important. It is one of the reflection points for me.

But there is a good point. Our group could make PowerPoint slides which are easily viewable. The slides must not to have too much information or too few information. We try to make slide have proper amount of information. And we emphasize on highlighting what we want to say to the audience. By using different colors or changing the size of letters, slides become to be visible.

From this April, I belong to the seminar. There are many times when I present in front of the members and the professor, for example, graduation thesis. Considering the above, I would like to present to them after I go back to Japan.


There are some common points or different points between Washington D.C. and Tokyo.

First is the width of road. In Washington D.C., it is by far wider than in Tokyo. In Tokyo, there are many buildings in the narrow land. In Washington D.C., the land is crowded with buildings, too. But the width of road is wide.

Second is the homeless people. There are homeless people near the hotel. In Shinjuku, Tokyo, they appear at night, too. They are cast by ward office, so they have no land to live. This is the discussion topic, but the day when it is solved is far, I think.

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