Hinako Otsuka – journal entry5

Keio / W&M Cross-Cultural Collaboration experience was beyond description for me. It was my first visit to Continental America. I have been to only Hawaii few times for my family trip. So I have always wanted to visit there. Additionally , I have been interested in the culture , language , and life in America. Hence I have always wanted to study in America and I was very happy to be able to go and study in William&Mary university.

On the other hand, I was full of anxiety before leaving Japan. Roughly speaking, there was three reason. First, I had no confidence for communicating with English. Second, the image of america in my head is little scared because America is gun society. So I was afraid of it. Third, it was my first trip abroad without my parents or my close friends. 

However there was no need to be worried at all.If I tell you about this CCC program in one word, it was so fun and refreshing. This program brought me endless surprises such as the size of food, the culture of tip and the perception of time. For example, in Japan, it is common sense to do something 5 minutes earlier. In contrast in America, people try to do something just on time and have permissive attitude for being late. Though these were culture shock foe me as a Japanese, but I got accustomed soon and enjoyed.

Then my anxiety was lost within few days. People in William&Mary college listened patiently in spite of my poor English. I found that gesture and facial expression also can work as a enough tool for communication. Consequently I could communicate with others more easily than I had thought. In class, the words were too difficult to understand immediately. However we can check with classmates and question to professors in Dialogue Class. So I could make out and just barely make it. And the image of America I had was not correct. Though once I had taken the discriminatory attitude at the restaurant in York Town, it is just one time. Others I met in America was so kind and attractive. I really love PAs and CIs and so on. Now; I am writing this essay, I am missing you. I may be moved to tears! Moreover I could make friends during my stay in Williams Burg. When I felt down and grazed my knee, my friends worried about me and gave me Adhesive plaster. I really appreciate it.

Anyway I had a great time in William&Mary University through Keio / W&M Cross-Cultural Collaboration Program. It has only 19days but fulfilling days. I could have various experiences and these experiences make me a lot more mature. I would love to go again!

I will mention the most important thing I learned. That is I should try anything and assert myself without too much concern. I couldn’t make up my mind to Join this program in the first place. But now, come to think about it, I am glad I made a decision to join. Thanks to it I could have various experience and glow up. In America, I am glad I told someone what I want to do or how I think. I didn’t do that in Japan because almost all Japanese don’t do that. However in America, I saw much more people do that. For that reason I tried. Since I felt better to do that than don’t do that, I think it is a good thing. Also, thanks to my positive trying , I found my favorite food like humus and enjoyed midnight cookies and midnight chips. I will continue to try and assert myself also in Japan in the future.

Anyway, I love you very much! Thank you!

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