Journal Entry 5- Hiroki Iizuka

Before the program, I had never been to the U.S. and it was the first time for me to visit, so I was happy to visit to the U.S. I’d like to write about what I noticed in the U.S., in short, that is the difference between Japan and the U.S. What I was surprised at in the U.S.  was that people frequently greeted and communicated with strangers each other. I realized that people I the U.S. tend to talk to strangers more actively than people in Japan. I was greeted by foreigners who I didn’t know many times, for example, in clothing shops and on the hallway of the hotel. In clothing shops, as soon as I entered the shops I was spoken to by a salesperson. Of course, what they said were subtly different, but they said mostly same things. First, they greeted when we opened the entrance, and after that, they made sure whether customers need help of salesperson to find what customers want or not. I was surprised because in Japan salespersons don’t greet a customer as a salesperson in the U.S. when a customer enter the shop. Next, I was spoken to by those who I didn’t know on the hallway of the hotel. What I surprised was that they were not hotel staffs, but other customers of the hotel. They spoke to me when I crossed with them on the hallway, and they almost said “Hello”, “Hi” or “Good morning.” I noticed that this was a difference between Japan and the U.S. because customers don’t communicate with each other on the hallway of a hotel in Japan. I didn’t know that there is such a good custom in the U.S. before I actually experienced, but I felt that people in the U.S. is sociable and friendly.

As I said before, I had never been to other countries, so I worried whether I could have a conversation with people in the U.S. in English. In this program, I aimed to have a conversation with local people in English and improve my English proficiency. Thus, I tried to speak positively English throughout this program, but it didn’t go well and felt keenly that I significantly lack English ability. In short, local people didn’t smoothly understand what I said in English and I could not make themselves understand. I noticed that my English ability lacks explosive power, in a word, I cannot come up with what I want to say in English and I can’t say what I want to say. I think that the reason is because I can’t translate what I want to say from Japanese to English as soon as I come up with in Japanese. I realized that I have to train the ability of English composition in a moment. Thus, I would like to study English from now on and especially I‘d like to study English composition in a moment to be able to have a conversation smoothly in English in my future.

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