journal Entry5- Yumiko Azuma

Throughout this summer program I was able to gain a lot of skills not only the basic English skills, which are reading writing listening speaking, but also the presentation skills and communication skills. However , these are not as important as what I experienced in William and Mary university in Wiiliamsburg and in DC.

My perception of US did not really change before this program and the after. Since I have been to several places in USA for several times. It was almost the same I had expected in japan. Huge campus and interesting university students, cute local town. On the other hand, I found very interesting facts that is very different from japan and that is something that I wanted to experience throughout this program, finding differences and comparing USA and Japan.

One of the most important things that I learned in William and Mary University is of course from the lecture and the time in the dialogue classes.

We do not have classes on American history in any schools in japan. I have gotten the information about the American history, the cultures and the news through internet. So it was very nice and interesting to be able to have the classes and get to know deeper on the topics. And also, it was very nice to have the time in dialogue class. I was able to have time to think the topic again without just having the class and not thinking. Since we could actually make questions to the teachers that gave us the lectures, I was able to think what I did not understand and what I wanted to know deeper. In japan, we do not have opportunities to questions the teacher because we usually have only big classes. It was amazing for me to raise my hand and just ask whatever I want to know.

Other thing that I leaned and I took very serious was the way of thinking to the religion in USA. I found the religious in USA was vey important and people really take it serious. It was curious that they do not mind talking this topic a lot. There is the active conversation in USA. The situation is a lot different in Japan. We do not talk the topic at all. It is not because that we think it is taboo to talk about it but the religion is melting into the Japanese culture and they do not notice how important that is.

The last one that I found interesting comparing with Japan is about the FOOD. In DC, I found that there was long line at the salad store. People think it is important to be healthy. I kind of thought that was weird because they suddenly looked too obssesed to it. It was like that I mentioned the other journals, the way vegan food shaped like chickens is similar to the topic. Americans seem that they think about their food but the way is not appropriate. Japanese people are tend to  become opposite to american. we are becoming unhealthy. people are changing what to eat. fish to meat. healthy to unhealthy.

It is not what I could really compare to Japan, but I thought the racial problem was something that I should study and think more deeply. It was very curious to me that how there are slavery and how it affects the society in USA nowadays. And the problem could not be this interesting to me without my CI, Rayvynn. Thank you.

Over all, everything that I learned in USA was fantastic and I would never forget any my memories there !!

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