I learned that not being afraid to take communication is important . Communication can be made to relax the opponent. If there are people having troubles, we should talk to them as much as possible. I feel American people think it is natural. I was surprised that many American people helped me when I had troubles. I feel the people in Tokyo don’t speak strange people as much as possible. In my class of Keio University, a professor said this phenomenon is often seen in urban city. I thought when I have troubles in Washington D.C, no one will help me. But when I couldn’t understand the way to pay by automatic accounting, the customer came and taught me how to pay. When our room’s door kept open, a woman knocked our room’s door and said to me “The door is open. Be careful.” She probably thought that we leave the door open is dangerous. She warned me. If there are people having troubles, we should talk to them as much as possible. American people think it is natural. I want to take the communications without fear even after returning Japan.

I think chip system is related to positive communication in America. The shop staff work more voluntarily to get chip. I did not understand advantage of chip system before coming to America but now I think this system promotes shop staff to work and help customer positively.

The thing I would still like to learn about US is relation of obesity rate and poverty. I noticed there are more poor people and homeless people than I expected in Washington. There are homeless people in every station in Washington. In Japan, I hardly ever see homeless people in stations. I found that in America, many homeless people and poor people tend to be fat. I thought poor people tend to be thin due to lack of food. But it seems different. I think there are a few reasons of this tendency.

First, in American restaurant food is low price though it is a large amount. We can eat massive food with low price. But many cheap fast food is oily. Expensive food is small in volume but healthy and not oily. Therefore I think poor people in America tend to be fat. I think this phenomenon is also related crop of the United States. The United States has a higher food self-sufficiency rate, unlike Japan. So, many restaurants supply low price and massive food.

Second, the rich people can spend much money to exercise and low calorie food than poor people. Wealthy people can go to gym and eat expensive healthy food. They more focus on quality of food than quantity without worrying about price.

I think there are many other reasons why poor people tend to be fat. I would still like to learn about this problem in Japan. Fast food plays an important role in America. The influence of fast food is also expanding in Japan. But not everyone can eat healthy high price food every day. I hope the quality of low price food be improved .

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