Mayu Nukiwa-Journal Entry 5

Firstly, I would like to express how my perception of US changed before and after the program. In short, I found that US has more diversities than I expected. Though I have been to San Jose and I knew US has diversities, I discovered more through visiting Williamsburg and Washington D.C. and spending time in the university with students there. In US, there are different cities and people, I think. Of course, it is true that there are different cities and people also in Japan, but there are more diversities in US than in Japan, I think. For example, I feel like visiting different countries when I visit San Jose, Williamsburg and Washington D.C. San Jose is famous for the Silicon Valley, Williamsburg has rich nature and Washington D.C. is famous for being the center of the politics. On the other hand, though there are regional differences in Japan, Tokyo is the center of almost all of the things and other areas are thought by being connected with Tokyo, I think. In addition, there are different people especially in the university, I think. Each people who I met have different origins in US. As you know, in Japan, there are people like Ainu, but the number of people like that are few and almost all of people in Japan are “Japanese”. In this way, there are more diversities in US than in Japan, I think.

Secondly, I want to write about attainments of my goals. In the first journal, as you know, I wrote that “I want to talk with students at William and Mary University” and “I want to learn English more than I could in Japan”. To the first goal, I should have done my best. Though I have not studied abroad and I’m not good at speaking English, I was too nervous about talking with students in English. In this program, everyone didn’t speak English perfectly, but even if not perfectly, the will to tell something to others is the most important thing, I found. If someone has the will to tell something to others, he or she choose the way which is easy to understand for others and the persons who listen to him or her are encouraged to listen more eagerly. If I have the opportunities like this program, I would like to do my best to talk with students in US. To the second goal, I could get valuable experiences which could be acquired only through the chances like this program. For example, as you know, we didn’t know the meaning of air quotes because we don’t have much opportunity to see the gesture in Japan. In addition, we could get the knowledge about when to use the words through the presentation preparations and journals. For, we sometimes use the similar words as the same in Japan even though they have different meanings for you. In this way, even though I have many things to reflect on, at the same time, I could get a lot of valuable experiences, I think.

Thank you.

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