Shizuka Terui – Journal Entry 5

I already missing days I spend in America. It was so fun and valuable experience for me, so I would like to wright about things which I learned through this program.

The most important thing is to learn American culture. I had been to America only once before taking part in this program. The place I went was Hawaii. It was tourist spot; there were many Japanese tourists and Americans who can speak Japanese and know Japanese culture well, so I experienced real American culture almost for the first time through this program. The first thing is about food. I had many chance to eat hamburger. American regular size was too big for Japanese. American small size was same as Japanese regular size. Not only hamburger but also salad, pizza and sandwich size were big. Another example is vegan food. I had never known and of course never eaten vegan food the then before. I’m glad to eat vegan food and know about it. Another thing is to rules. In Japan, we always say “Itadakimasu” before eating. It means thanks for life of animals and plants. And we say “Gochisousamadesita” after eating meal. It means thanks for the nice meal. In addition, in Japan, we should not start eating before meals and people are all present. However, in the US, there are not customs like these. It is difference between Japan and US. These are food example but I found many other cultural differences between US and Japan. These were written in Journal 1~4.

The second important thing is that I got great experiences. I could go many important place such as Colonial Williamsburg, National Mall, Smithsonian Museums and so on. I could learn American histories by watching real place. Moreover, lectures were so interested. The US history is difference from Japanese history. In Japan, there are not race problem like Black American. I had not studied enough about America before, so lectures were effective for me. I recognized that there are many people around the world who have difference values and cultures. We must remember it and we must try to understand each other. I wish race problem will be solved and no more war will be happened.

Looking back American days, I think I could improve my listening skill through this program the most. By compareing myself before and after, it is more clearly to understand American saying. I want to keep and more improve my English skill, so I promise here I will study English more and keep going. To achieve this promise, I will get more vocabularies, watch English movies and listen English music. Actually, I listen English music more after getting back from US. And someday, I want to go to America again with enough English skills and talk with Native American a lot.

Finally, I want to say thank you again to Barry, Cahn, CIs and PAs. We must could not have great experience without your support. I will not forget this cross-cultural collaboration program’s memory. I strongly believe that this experience will useful in the future.

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