Yuuki Hida-Journal5

It passed one week since we came back to Japan. I already miss my great members and precious days I had with them in America. Two weeks is too short for me, but it is the best summer memory. But, before the program began, I was worried though I applied to the summer program by myself. And I hesitated to talk with students of William and Mary because of no confidence on my English skill. For that reason, you could think me a shy Keio student. It was about day 4 when I began to change and have courage to talk in my poor English. PAs and CIs tried to understand what I spoke, and they were always smiling. I was so glad to see it. Thanks to them, I lost the scarce of speaking English. What is important is not grammar but passion and the attitude which I want to communicate my thought. This is most important thing I learned.

The most impressive thing I’ve seen was the number of race. When I was walking in the city or entered stores, there were people who are different races. This was one of the moments I could feel America. Thinking the history which is in the background of ‘melting pot of many races’ was deeply emotive for me. And like our PAs, it is good that we can have the opportunity to have relationship with many races because our fields of view extend. In Japan, we tend to become friendly with people who are similar to us in many perspectives. This is the cause of narrow friendship. I sometimes feel that such situation is uncomfortable, and become tired. But, I understood one thing while I spent days with our PAs and CIs. To have exciting time, I should make various friendship or relationship. This is another important thing which I got in the program.

Also, my perception of America has changed. I was taught that America is a country of independent and individualism. So, I thought American people don’t have concern with other people including us, Japanese. And in America, I thought that I have to do all things by myself. But, it is mistake. When I had trouble in taking out small charge in the checkout counter, a woman behind me spoke to me. And she helped me to select proper small charge. In other places, I was helped by different American people, too. I felt that Japanese are rather indifference to other people. In that point, Japanese are a little cold, I think. Moreover, in Japan, when a person goes by other, both of them avert their eyes. In America, many who go by smiled to me. I was surprised, but I got warmth. From these experience, I recognized that America is pretty good country.


During sixteen days, there was no time when I wasn’t excited and I was calm. After this summer, I’m going to do job hunting. The amazing experience will surely become my power, and influence my future. I’m happy to have great days with you. Finally, I want to thank all members who have relationship with me. Many thanks. See you again!


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