journal 1 koryu ikeshita

When we arrived at the airport, and go outside, I thought everything is huge and there are many kinds of races of people. Everyone looks cool and kindly.  And I also guess people in America don`t care about what others think about so much in the good meaning. In Japan people tend to care about others, so I think ,in this point, I feel stiff in Japan but comfortable in America. So people in this country can express their personality easily. This my guess.  

 I was also surprised when we went to the market to have lunch. The bottle size of water or juice was big and there were also many size of the cake, from the small one t the big family size. It is very good.  

 About the American culture, I think it is very difficult to think deeply about that. From the lecture, I think mass culture and pop culture are very close to each other, because mass culture is something made by the rich, and if someone near us change it originally, it`s gona be pop culture. And I also think culture itself is very sensitive and changeable and influential. For example Japan, which is in good term with America, imitate Hallowin. But people in Japan arrange that culture in their own way. So I think there are no possibility of the existence of the who same culture in different country. And from this point  culture is deeply rooted to the people`s lifestyle in the country.  

 Next I want to think about how to see their country`s culture. Lecture said we can  

see it from points of up grade and also from down grade.I am not so rich  so I can only see the culture from down. Then how can we see the culture from up? This is my question, and response to the lecture. Thank you.    


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